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Guest Bedroom – Painting an Accent Wall

I sold some old appliances and got some Easter money so I did what anyone would do, and bought a bunch of paint. That’s what anyone would do, right? Anyway, it’s time to repaint the third and final upstairs bedroom, currently used as a guest room. Let’s spice things up by painting an accent wall behind the bed!

I realized I hadn’t taken any before pics after I already started, so here’s one from when we moved in almost two years ago. (can you believe it??)

Two walls were this hunter green and the other two were tan. I chose … Read the rest...

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DIY Nursery – Creative Space to Baby’s Place

A year ago I posted about painting my office.  Well, it has underwent another transformation since. Check out my DIY Nursery! I knew when we moved in and painted it that it would eventually be the nursery, it was just a matter of when. 🙂 It’s a large reason I chose the neutral colors of grey and orange. Well I’m 35 weeks along today, and it’s ready for baby!

First and foremost I want to give a shoutout to Mike for building these beautiful shelves. I gave him a DIY video and list of materials and he did a fantastic … Read the rest...

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Antique Dresser Refinish – A Family Heirloom

Antique Dresser Refinish

This dresser had been sitting in my Grandmother’s basement for well over a decade now. It was used by my Grandfather for many years. I couldn’t find a specific date on it but I’m guessing it’s from the late 50s or sometime in the 60s. The plan was to refurbish this piece for my daughter’s (wow that feels weird to say) nursery. Oh yes, if you haven’t heard by now, we are expecting! The thought of using an old family piece for a new family member is very appealing to me.

The tag attached to the back … Read the rest...

Bedroom Decor Paint Walls

The Master

I actually did most of this back in October, but have been hesitant to post this update, since there is still some left to do. However, looking at the before’s and afters is pretty drastic, so it’s probably time I bring you up to date on our master bedroom. Below is a photo from the house’s listing last summer. This is the first impression we got of what would become our future bedroom. Obviously work to be done.

You may remember one of my first posts was from the night we settled on the house. We knew we wanted to … Read the rest...

Bedroom Decor house Office Walls

A Creative Space – Alexa’s Office

When we first looked at the house, Mike and I already picked out which would be our respective offices since we both work from home. In our 2-bedroom apartment we shared the one as an office, so as you can imagine it was a relief to finally get my own space. I knew I would need to do at least a bit of painting, and of course it was high on my priority list since I spend all day every day in here.

Below are some before shots of the room. It’s one of the three upstairs bedrooms, and my … Read the rest...