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A Creative Space – Alexa’s Office

When we first looked at the house, Mike and I already picked out which would be our respective offices since we both work from home. In our 2-bedroom apartment we shared the one as an office, so as you can imagine it was a relief to finally get my own space. I knew I would need to do at least a bit of painting, and of course it was high on my priority list since I spend all day every day in here.

Below are some before shots of the room. It’s one of the three upstairs bedrooms, and my stuff is all over the place because these pics were taken the weekend we moved in. It also can serve as a guest room, as the previous owners left us a daybed that I’ve dressed up a bit.

There were shelves and some other sort of wooden trim-like wood hanging on the walls. I took them all down and spackled the holes. The border was the bane of my existence. I sprayed with a water/fabric softener solution and peeled and peeled. It was by far the most time consuming part of this room. I estimate it took about 7 hours just to get the border off. There were a lot of great things to come out of the 90s (I should know, I was one of them), wall border was not one of them.

Here’s the finished product. I went with an orange for my accent wall, with the rest being a nice cool light gray. New faceplates, bedspread, shag rug and it looks like a new space. Mike replaced all of my outlet receptacles. They were old enough that when you plugged things in they fell out, which is no good. He’s in the process of putting new ones in all over the house.

A few things we want to do yet – New baseboard and window trim, new closet doors, new window blinds, and I’ll need to repaint the ceiling white at some point. But, all in good time. For now it will do 🙂

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