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The Great Backyard Cleanup

Some of the shrubbery out back was completely out of control. We did some major trimming. This first shrub up against the house was literally double it’s depth before cut; all over the concrete slab. We trimmed it back to the line of the bed and gained many feet worth of patio space back. I can finally see out the kitchen window! Still a bit of cleanup to do but it’s so much better.

The wooden retaining walls were a gray/green mess. I spent an afternoon pressure-washing them and just about revitalized them to their original wooden glow. I also did some trimming of the plants behind them.

Another section of vines that had grown completely out of control. The wooden planter is in the exact same spot, gained at least 2ft worth of patio space back. Check out the landscape light that was hidden under all that! I found at least 4 more trimming back various bushes!

I forgot to get a before picture for this one, but you can see the “dirt shadow” of where this bush grew over the cement. It came well in front of that rock planter. Truly wild

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