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Antique Cabinet Refinish

Spring has sprung yet again, which means we have some rainy days to get small projects done inside the house. Time to tackle the Antique Cabinet Refinish.

This large cabinet was left by the previous owners in the living room. I’m guessing it was built specifically for the little nook in which it sits, because it fits perfectly. It may as well be a permanent fixture because I can’t imagine moving it. The thing is SOLID wood, really quality piece of furniture but a little too dark for my current taste. I painted it and it really brightened up the … Read the rest...

Heating & Cooling house Living Room

Keeping (Financially) Warm with a Wood Stove Insert

Hello from the cold, crisp first January in our house. It’s been almost exactly 5 months since we moved in…and the weather is quite different from move-in day in August. I haven’t posted in a while, but I promise I haven’t been idle. More posts coming soon… for now, onto the Wood Stove Insert.

This winter has been particularly cold, especially for a couple weeks after Christmas into January. We have a heat pump as our first source of heat. HP’s are efficient(ish) but don’t work well in extreme cold. Ours works until it’s under 35°F outside, in which our … Read the rest...

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Refinishing Living Room Tables

Another weekend, another project. This isn’t so much a house project as a for the house project. Mike has had this living room table set for, well, a long time. He said he got it from some Amish store, so you know it’s quality built. The light wood glossy stain just wasn’t appealing to me, and the coffee table had some serious scratches from our recent move. So, I decided to Refinishing our Living Room Tables with my own personal touch. Below are some “before” shots.

Had to completely sand the stain off of the tables. I used my black … Read the rest...