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Antique Cabinet Refinish

Spring has sprung yet again, which means we have some rainy days to get small projects done inside the house. Time to tackle the Antique Cabinet Refinish.

This large cabinet was left by the previous owners in the living room. I’m guessing it was built specifically for the little nook in which it sits, because it fits perfectly. It may as well be a permanent fixture because I can’t imagine moving it. The thing is SOLID wood, really quality piece of furniture but a little too dark for my current taste. I painted it and it really brightened up the room. Amazing how one big piece of furniture can really change the whole feel of a space.

Thanks to my good friend, chalk paint, I have a completely new storage cabinet. The one coat coverage claim might be for a piece that is already a light color. This cabinet took more like 2-3.

  • Cabinet Refinish
  • Cabinet Refinish
  • Cabinet Refinish

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