Guest Bathroom Upgrades

Welcome to our 1973 guest bathroom. It needs to be redone top to bottom but until we can afford to we try to make small improvements. We recently replaced the 1971 Kohler “Harvest Gold” toilet. If you are in the market for a sweet uncloggable 70s toilet, let me know.

The shower had this old slider door, which is okay in theory for adults, though this one was kind of mildewy and gross. Eva is quickly outgrowing our big basin kitchen sink for bath time, and I didn’t realize how difficult trying to bathe her with one of these is. I can only essentially lean in half of the tub. It was time to say goodbye.

Mike made quick work of getting the door out. I scraped off the nasty and old grout/caulk. He hung a rod and I put up my new shower curtain. Team work makes the dream work. Mike also had to re-caulk all around the tub, as the old stuff was deteriorating. Some of the floor tiles are indenting and breaking…so if we don’t have water damage in the floor/walls whenever we gut this place I will really be surprised.

New & Improved

Wondering what I’m in for whenever we decide to finally rip this wallpaper & tile off and really get stuff done….

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