Outside Pool

Pool Refinish

I find myself typing this post on a freezing December afternoon, six months after this project was completed. It has been over a year since I posted last, and it’s been a wild one.

This pool was put in two owners ago in 1989 by Anthony Pools. The thing is older than me (though admittedly not by much). The coping was crumbling at spots and the plaster was worn down in certain areas as well. We had a few quotes given to us over the summer of 2020. We picked out materials and signed the contract in September 2020 and … Read the rest...

Gardening Outside Pool

Summer Updates

Summertime is historically a quiet time for the 70s house blog. Outside work takes precedent to inside house work. We have a pool to enjoy and land to keep, as well as most weekends being filled with social events. I did get the basement done around memorial day (as done as its going to get until we save enough to take the plunge on the flooring). I plan to upload a video of it soon.

I started a youtube channel under Freyman Farms, which will host all of our outside videos that have to do with gardening, cultivating, bee … Read the rest...

DIY Kids Outside

DIY Sandbox for around $40 (or less)

Happy spring everybody!! Too bad it’s being dampered by a global pandemic. The only thing keeping us sane at the moment is being able to enjoy the outdoors. We have over three acres so social distancing isn’t difficult, but I know not everyone is as fortunate. My 17 month old loves being outside, and apparently likes playing in the dirt…so I figured it was time for this kid to have her very own DIY Sandbox.

You can go to Target/Walmart/Amazon and pay $50+ to get one of those plastic turtle sandboxes (no hate, I had one as a kid and … Read the rest...

Outside Pool

Pool House Repaint & Rehab

Greetings again, time to take a look at the latest project I have been busting my hump on, a Pool House Repaint project! For whatever reason I can never remember to take the “before” pic prior to me making everything a mess, so here it is. Our pool has a little shed building that houses the pool filter/pump/heater and also a bar and storage area. It was dark, drab, full of cobwebs and… eaten by chipmunks? The Pool House desperately needed to be repainted and cleaned up a bit. I had started sanding in the before pics below, because there … Read the rest...

Bushes Gardening Outside Plants

Landscaping Rocks!

Landscaping Rocks

A whole 6 months has passed since I updated last. The baby arrived a month or so after my last post, so needless to say we have been hunkering down all winter. Not getting anything accomplished on the house front. Spring is here, baby is finally sleeping (mostly) through the night, and I have the energy to get some stuff done. Our pool area has been a bit of a jungle since we moved in. We attempted to tame the beast right after we bought the place. Being pregnant last spring/summer I didn’t spend much time pulling weeds or tending … Read the rest...