DIY Kids Outside

DIY Sandbox for around $40 (or less)

Happy spring everybody!! Too bad it’s being dampered by a global pandemic. The only thing keeping us sane at the moment is being able to enjoy the outdoors. We have over three acres so social distancing isn’t difficult, but I know not everyone is as fortunate. My 17 month old loves being outside, and apparently likes playing in the dirt…so I figured it was time for this kid to have her very own DIY Sandbox.

You can go to Target/Walmart/Amazon and pay $50+ to get one of those plastic turtle sandboxes (no hate, I had one as a kid and … Read the rest...

Bedroom Decor house

DIY Nursery – Creative Space to Baby’s Place

A year ago I posted about painting my office.  Well, it has underwent another transformation since. Check out my DIY Nursery! I knew when we moved in and painted it that it would eventually be the nursery, it was just a matter of when. 🙂 It’s a large reason I chose the neutral colors of grey and orange. Well I’m 35 weeks along today, and it’s ready for baby!

First and foremost I want to give a shoutout to Mike for building these beautiful shelves. I gave him a DIY video and list of materials and he did a fantastic … Read the rest...