Basement DIY Family Room house Paint Walls

Basement Renovation Drywall

So I definitely forgot to post Update 3 when I filmed it two months ago so I’ll just make this a double post. 2 for the price of 1. What a deal. We finally tackled the basement renovation drywall.

In February/March we finished the framing, electrical, insulating and even got all the drywall up. Around the second week of March my Grandfather and I began mudding the drywall.

As everyone knows things started getting really intense in regards to the pandemic and “Stay-At-Home” orders, so I basically stopped all progress because I didn’t want to compromise anyone who was nice … Read the rest...

DIY Kids Outside

DIY Sandbox for around $40 (or less)

Happy spring everybody!! Too bad it’s being dampered by a global pandemic. The only thing keeping us sane at the moment is being able to enjoy the outdoors. We have over three acres so social distancing isn’t difficult, but I know not everyone is as fortunate. My 17 month old loves being outside, and apparently likes playing in the dirt…so I figured it was time for this kid to have her very own DIY Sandbox.

You can go to Target/Walmart/Amazon and pay $50+ to get one of those plastic turtle sandboxes (no hate, I had one as a kid and … Read the rest...

Bedroom Decor DIY Paint

Guest Bedroom – Painting an Accent Wall

I sold some old appliances and got some Easter money so I did what anyone would do, and bought a bunch of paint. That’s what anyone would do, right? Anyway, it’s time to repaint the third and final upstairs bedroom, currently used as a guest room. Let’s spice things up by painting an accent wall behind the bed!

I realized I hadn’t taken any before pics after I already started, so here’s one from when we moved in almost two years ago. (can you believe it??)

Two walls were this hunter green and the other two were tan. I chose … Read the rest...