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Guest Bedroom – Painting an Accent Wall

I sold some old appliances and got some Easter money so I did what anyone would do, and bought a bunch of paint. That’s what anyone would do, right? Anyway, it’s time to repaint the third and final upstairs bedroom, currently used as a guest room. Let’s spice things up by painting an accent wall behind the bed!

I realized I hadn’t taken any before pics after I already started, so here’s one from when we moved in almost two years ago. (can you believe it??)

Two walls were this hunter green and the other two were tan. I chose a color called Accessible Beige. I also decided to do a chevron style accent wall. I measured my entire length of wall, took into account the width of my tape, and divided by 6 sections. this gave me the perfect fit for my entire wall. Then, using a level is key when taping the verticle lines. Your best bet is to measure at the top and bottom to start and end your tape at the right spot.

The diagonal lines are slightly more simple. Use a set square if you want your angles perfect. Or eye ball them, its your wall!

and thats a wrap…Guest bedroom got a facelift! Time to move across the hall…

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