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Antique Cabinet Refinish

Spring has sprung yet again, which means we have some rainy days to get small projects done inside the house. Time to tackle the Antique Cabinet Refinish.

This large cabinet was left by the previous owners in the living room. I’m guessing it was built specifically for the little nook in which it sits, because it fits perfectly. It may as well be a permanent fixture because I can’t imagine moving it. The thing is SOLID wood, really quality piece of furniture but a little too dark for my current taste. I painted it and it really brightened up the … Read the rest...

Bedroom Decor Furniture

Antique Dresser Refinish – A Family Heirloom

Antique Dresser Refinish

This dresser had been sitting in my Grandmother’s basement for well over a decade now. It was used by my Grandfather for many years. I couldn’t find a specific date on it but I’m guessing it’s from the late 50s or sometime in the 60s. The plan was to refurbish this piece for my daughter’s (wow that feels weird to say) nursery. Oh yes, if you haven’t heard by now, we are expecting! The thought of using an old family piece for a new family member is very appealing to me.

The tag attached to the back … Read the rest...

Furniture Outside Screened-in porch

Porch Furniture Refinish

You may remember back in my wood stove insert post that our outside glass table top shattered into a million pieces. My goal was to make it all usable again by the time nicer weather rolled around, and thank god, here we are on the other side! I also decided to spruce up the metal frame of the table and chairs as well. This screened in porch was really a selling point for us when we bought this house. We are both outdoor enthusiast and really love the idea of being able to relax outside, minus the bugs. Figured I … Read the rest...

Dining Room Furniture

Dining Room Furniture Refinish

Once again, I wasn’t feeling the 90s light stained dining room set we have, but it was a nice solid wood, Amish-made set, so it’s worth refinishing. I’m a big fan of farmhouse style tables, so that’s the look I was going for. This table is currently in our “Breakfast nook” area dining room, and we have a formal dining room with nothing currently in. Eventually my plan is to build my very own 8-10 person farm table. That’s a project for another day. Time to tackle the Dining Room Furniture Refinish.

Sanded the table top and chair seats, … Read the rest...

Furniture Living Room

Refinishing Living Room Tables

Another weekend, another project. This isn’t so much a house project as a for the house project. Mike has had this living room table set for, well, a long time. He said he got it from some Amish store, so you know it’s quality built. The light wood glossy stain just wasn’t appealing to me, and the coffee table had some serious scratches from our recent move. So, I decided to Refinishing our Living Room Tables with my own personal touch. Below are some “before” shots.

Had to completely sand the stain off of the tables. I used my black … Read the rest...