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Refinishing Living Room Tables

Another weekend, another project. This isn’t so much a house project as a for the house project. Mike has had this living room table set for, well, a long time. He said he got it from some Amish store, so you know it’s quality built. The light wood glossy stain just wasn’t appealing to me, and the coffee table had some serious scratches from our recent move. So, I decided to Refinishing our Living Room Tables with my own personal touch. Below are some “before” shots.

Had to completely sand the stain off of the tables. I used my black and decker orbital sander. (shout out to our buddy Brad, who got us that sander off our registry for our wedding gift)

After the stain dried for about 24 hours, I taped up the parts where it met the legs, and painted everything else white. I only gave it one coat, because I’m a big fan of the weathered farm-house look.

If you have any decent wooden furniture you are thinking of throwing away, call me first! 🙂 Or take the plunge and refinish them yourself!

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