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Antique Dresser Refinish – A Family Heirloom

Antique Dresser Refinish

This dresser had been sitting in my Grandmother’s basement for well over a decade now. It was used by my Grandfather for many years. I couldn’t find a specific date on it but I’m guessing it’s from the late 50s or sometime in the 60s. The plan was to refurbish this piece for my daughter’s (wow that feels weird to say) nursery. Oh yes, if you haven’t heard by now, we are expecting! The thought of using an old family piece for a new family member is very appealing to me.

The tag attached to the back was half ripped, so I couldn’t make out the company who manufactured it, but it appears it was bought at a J. D. Naftzinger’s up in Mohrsville. If you recognize the name let me know.

The top had a lot of scratches, and for the first time in my life I dreaded sanding it down. I actually put it off for a few days. Apparently that ring is where my Grandfather always used to put his cologne. It’s a stark reminder that while sometimes I see furniture pieces with “imperfections’, that those scratches and dents are someone else’s story. Always respect that. I would like to think that he would want it to be fresh and perfect for his first Great Granddaughter. So eventually I got to work. Below is the finished Antique Dresser Refinish.

Before / After
Antique Dresser Refinish

Used Cobblestone Chalk paint for the exterior and drawers, which the exception of the top which was sanded and stained “Special Walnut”. My goal was to match the flooring and crib. My theme for the nursery is “Owls”, but you’ll see more of that in a future post.

Antique Dresser Refinish
Antique Dresser Refinish
new stain & finish
Antique Dresser Refinish
Added new liner to the drawers
Antique Dresser Refinish
new knobs

I’m in love with this piece. For what it means, for how it turned out. It’s just perfect.

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You have out done yourself ! Expect ion always job ! Luv that it was part of your family history !

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