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Accent Wall Office Paint

Like I said, I bought a bunch of paint. Well only two gallons to be exact. My goal was to create an awesome accent wall. I used the same color in here as the Guest Room across the hall. This room was originally the fourth upstairs bedroom. A previous owner knocked out the wall between it and the kitchen and made it a breakfast nook. All of it was painted this red salmon color. Still need to replace the light fixture over the table.


The accent wall was a lot of work, but so worth it. Tools needed: a level and set square. Measure your distances and angles and tape them off. Feel free to make little marks where your tape will go with pencil. Just make sure they’re on the outside of the taping area so you’ll paint over any marks.

I lost my original office space to a baby, so I had to make do in this corner. Eventually I can see myself walling this room back up from the kitchen and making it a more private space for working area. This is where the creative magic happens! It’s only fair that I make it as inspiring and fun a place to be as possible.

Accent Wall

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