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Pool House Repaint & Rehab

Greetings again, time to take a look at the latest project I have been busting my hump on, a Pool House Repaint project! For whatever reason I can never remember to take the “before” pic prior to me making everything a mess, so here it is. Our pool has a little shed building that houses the pool filter/pump/heater and also a bar and storage area. It was dark, drab, full of cobwebs and… eaten by chipmunks? The Pool House desperately needed to be repainted and cleaned up a bit. I had started sanding in the before pics below, because there were little gnaw marks on a lot of the wood paneling. The one piece of trim around the door to the filter room had a huge chunk missing. Luckily it was just a 1×4 piece of lumber so I replaced the entire thing. That one wasn’t going to buff out.

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New trim, started painting
mystery revealed…

Above you can see four switches next to my nice new piece of trim. Previously, we couldn’t figure out what the fourth one on the left went to. Nothing happened when we flipped it. Turns out there was a little metal housing mounted on the ceiling. Guess it was wired for some ceiling lighting but previous owners never utilized it. I had a vision so Mike made it usable. I worked on this project for over a week, not consecutively, but it took many hours. I didn’t think it would be a laborious as it ended up being because the space isn’t large. Painting a ceiling and beams however makes this a different ball game than the usual room/wall painting projects. I am very please with the final result and sooooo glad its done.

  • Pool House Repaint
  • Pool House Repaint
  • Pool House Repaint
  • Pool House Repaint
  • Pool House Repaint
  • Pool House Repaint

I created that “Pool Bar” sign myself, by the way. The letters I ordered online. The sign is just three 6 foot long 1×6’s glued together and stained. I painted the letters, let everything dry and then glued the letters to the wood. A few heavy duty hangers in the back and that was it.

Finally getting to enjoy a perfect sunset in the space that we spend so much time maintaining and improving. As nice as it would be to just have had everything done on move in, or pay to have someone else do it…I think sometimes the fact that my own blood and sweat went into it makes it that much more enjoyable and rewarding. Thanks for reading!

Pool House Repaint

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Looks great ! Someday I will show you pics of Keith and my 70’s house before we redid everything . It’s vision and hard work but the outcome = a place we all call a HOME!

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