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Downstairs Family Room Demo

Hope everyone had a great holiday! We took the week off and decided to get cracking on our biggest project to date; the Downstairs Family Room Demo! It’s time to gut the downstairs!

Downstairs Family Room Demo

Our house is fairly unique in the sense that most of the formal living areas and bedrooms are all upstairs. The kitchen, living, dining, two baths and bedrooms are all on on the second floor. Downstairs is a basement, technically, as half of it is underground. It also has family room, bedroom, full bath and laundry room, with access to the garage. It’s definitely a less formal area, it’ll be a place for kids to hang / a man cave for the man of the house. Who knows, maybe I’ll eventually move my office space down there too.


We had already redone the ceiling tiles as stage 1. Stage 2 is the walls (<~ you are here). Stage 3 is new flooring.

The trim, walls and carpet all came out pretty easy. Good news, no moisture or water problems, everything looked great behind the paneling.

Downstairs Family Room Demo
Downstairs Family Room Demo
Downstairs Family Room Demo

As you can see we have quite a bit of waste we are going to have to figure out what to do with.

Below is a video walkthrough of finished demo and our next steps:

  • Pull out old insulation between floor joists. Foam insulate any holes, cracks, re-insulate with 2×6, R19 insulation.
  • Foam insulate any gaps in cinder block walls.
  • Moisture barrier exterior walls
  • Frame out walls
  • situate electrical on new framed walls
  • Put up drywall / mud / sand
  • Prime and paint
  • Paint & install new trim
  • Be so happy it’s done!

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