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Basement Renovation Drywall

So I definitely forgot to post Update 3 when I filmed it two months ago so I’ll just make this a double post. 2 for the price of 1. What a deal. We finally tackled the basement renovation drywall.

In February/March we finished the framing, electrical, insulating and even got all the drywall up. Around the second week of March my Grandfather and I began mudding the drywall.

As everyone knows things started getting really intense in regards to the pandemic and “Stay-At-Home” orders, so I basically stopped all progress because I didn’t want to compromise anyone who was nice enough to help me. It sucks, we were so close to the finish line and everything went untouched for close to two months. Finally I got tired of looking at a dusty unfinished living space so I did my research and finished it up myself. It isn’t perfect and I have made a few mistakes along the way but I’m pretty proud of the things I have managed to do and learn on my own.

So. much. sanding. The “nice” thing about mudding is you cant really permanently mess anything up. You just keep re-mudding and sanding until it is how you want it to be. It’s hard to determine what will and will not show up as an imperfection until you prime and it sticks out like a sore thumb.

So this is where we are. I primed and painted one wall, where the TV is going to go so I can mount it an utilize it as entertainment when we work down there on the future projects. The rest of the painting will likely wait until the floors and trim are in. It’s not completely done but I can’t help but feel like we are through the tunnel.

Basement Renovation Drywall
TV Wall with its final coat of finish paint – Natural Wonder – Basement Renovation Drywall

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Great job, Alexa! BTW Was that wooden chair next to the fan in the corner your “time-out” seat? 🙂

haha not sure how I missed this comment…that’s where I “sat and thought about what I did” every time I messed up the mud-job. So yeah I basically never got up.

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