Gardening Outside Pool

Summer Updates

Summertime is historically a quiet time for the 70s house blog. Outside work takes precedent to inside house work. We have a pool to enjoy and land to keep, as well as most weekends being filled with social events. I did get the basement done around memorial day (as done as its going to get until we save enough to take the plunge on the flooring). I plan to upload a video of it soon.

I started a youtube channel under Freyman Farms, which will host all of our outside videos that have to do with gardening, cultivating, bee keeping, etc. that we do between April and October. I’m contemplating moving the Our 70s House videos there as a playlist within a channel, just to consolidate things.

Otherwise things are same old, same old with us. Most of my days are spent chasing a toddler around and daydreaming about what our next steps are with things around the house. I am constantly reprioritizing in my own head what needs to be done next.

Unfortunately the pool made itself known to us this summer. Tiles are falling off, the coping is crumbling by the broken skimmer and the plaster is wearing through at spots. Its a 30-year-old pool and its definitely exceeded its expected life. At first the prospect of spending ~$20k on renovating something that is a luxury and not a necessity when there is so much else to be done here is quite scary. However it is clear we are going to be spending so many years our back making memories. I think it will be well worth it. That will tentatively be done next Spring.

A few weeks from now will mark 3 years since we moved in. In so many ways that feels unreal, and at the same time I feel like a piece of my soul has always been here. Probably always will be.

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