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The Master

I actually did most of this back in October, but have been hesitant to post this update, since there is still some left to do. However, looking at the before’s and afters is pretty drastic, so it’s probably time I bring you up to date on our master bedroom. Below is a photo from the house’s listing last summer. This is the first impression we got of what would become our future bedroom. Obviously work to be done.

Photo from the House listing before we bought it.

You may remember one of my first posts was from the night we settled on the house. We knew we wanted to tear out the old shag, but we were scheduled to move our furniture in the day after settlement. Mike busted his hump that night getting it all out so we would be able to move in smoothly.  Below are two pics from a day or two after we moved in. Apologies for the mess, but we were far from  being organized at this point.

The weekend we moved in
The weekend we moved in

The walls were a tan-ish color, which wasn’t bad, at least it was neutral. There were some scuff marks and such on the wall, so I decided this would be my next paint project after my office. I used “Perfect Greige” for the three sides, and “Western Clay” for my accent wall. My goal for the accent wall was to match our cherry wood dressers. I kept in 70s style with our new 9′ x 13′ shag rug, which I got at a fantastic discount on (Seriously, just browse their clearance occasionally, sooner or later something nice will be on sale for cheap). The windows had these heavy fabric shades when we moved in, which I admit were really great at blocking out light, but not my style. My Mom got us these great faux wood blinds for Christmas.


New switch and outlet covers

I had these wooden letters custom made from Woodland Manufacturing, stained and painted them myself as behind the bed art.


So while I definitely love our bedroom, there are still so many things I would like to do to it. Remodel wise: new closet/entry doors and new trim (like every other room). As far as furniture we need new end tables so bad! We are still using Mike’s from his childhood. It’s been on my list of things to look into but I’m waiting for a deal or finding something I can refinish. I would love to build a new head & footboard as well, and stain it to match our dressers. Also need a new bedskirt, ours ripped when we lived in the apartment. It’s so hard to find just a bedskirt though! 😅

The good news is spring is here! We survived our first Winter! Pool will be opening in just a few more weeks and I can’t WAIT!!!

Thanks for reading!

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