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Downstairs Family Room Demo

Hope everyone had a great holiday! We took the week off and decided to get cracking on our biggest project to date; the Downstairs Family Room Demo! It’s time to gut the downstairs!

Downstairs Family Room Demo

Our house is fairly unique in the sense that most of the formal living areas and bedrooms are all upstairs. The kitchen, living, dining, two baths and bedrooms are all on on the second floor. Downstairs is a basement, technically, as half of it is underground. It also has family room, bedroom, full bath and laundry room, with access to the garage. It’s definitely a less … Read the rest...

Outside Pool

Pool House Repaint & Rehab

Greetings again, time to take a look at the latest project I have been busting my hump on, a Pool House Repaint project! For whatever reason I can never remember to take the “before” pic prior to me making everything a mess, so here it is. Our pool has a little shed building that houses the pool filter/pump/heater and also a bar and storage area. It was dark, drab, full of cobwebs and… eaten by chipmunks? The Pool House desperately needed to be repainted and cleaned up a bit. I had started sanding in the before pics below, because there … Read the rest...

house Office Paint Walls

Accent Wall Office Paint

Like I said, I bought a bunch of paint. Well only two gallons to be exact. My goal was to create an awesome accent wall. I used the same color in here as the Guest Room across the hall. This room was originally the fourth upstairs bedroom. A previous owner knocked out the wall between it and the kitchen and made it a breakfast nook. All of it was painted this red salmon color. Still need to replace the light fixture over the table.

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Bedroom Decor DIY Paint

Guest Bedroom – Painting an Accent Wall

I sold some old appliances and got some Easter money so I did what anyone would do, and bought a bunch of paint. That’s what anyone would do, right? Anyway, it’s time to repaint the third and final upstairs bedroom, currently used as a guest room. Let’s spice things up by painting an accent wall behind the bed!

I realized I hadn’t taken any before pics after I already started, so here’s one from when we moved in almost two years ago. (can you believe it??)

Two walls were this hunter green and the other two were tan. I chose … Read the rest...


Guest Bathroom Upgrades

Welcome to our 1973 guest bathroom. It needs to be redone top to bottom but until we can afford to we try to make small improvements. We recently replaced the 1971 Kohler “Harvest Gold” toilet. If you are in the market for a sweet uncloggable 70s toilet, let me know.

The shower had this old slider door, which is okay in theory for adults, though this one was kind of mildewy and gross. Eva is quickly outgrowing our big basin kitchen sink for bath time, and I didn’t realize how … Read the rest...