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Framing Walls – Downstairs Update

We have made some progress down there since my last post. Hard to tell to the naked eye, considering it’s still a construction zone. We have been busy framing out the walls! As expected, we have ran into a few things that popped up as we started that needed to be addressed before going further. Lets jump right in:

Goodbye Doorframes

In true 70s fashion there are doors everywhere. Every room was compartmentalized and it was time to open it up. Here is a before and after of the door frames being ripped out. It’s incredible how much the widened space made the entire room look at feel larger. I love it.

Vapor Barrier

Framing e

It’s essentially a plastic sheet that is supposed to keep any moisture out of your wall. Cement block can get damp depending on the weather outside and carry that into your interior if you have no protection to keep it out. I got the use the air compressor staple gun on hanging this myself, so that was pretty fun. Mike and my grandfather helped me make sure it went on straight, but I did the stapling.

Leveling the floor

The floor dipped down here to what was once a drain but had since been covered over by someone previous. The pitch was pretty drastic. It was fine for the carpet that was in here but we want to lay that luxury vinyl plank, so we needed to level it out a bit. Turned out we needed a lot more self-leveling concrete that anticipated, but we got the job done.

We even got the largest and most complicated wall built out today. I am really expanding my horizons. So far I’ve wielded a staple gun, a nail gun, and I have even sweated a pipe. Don’t worry, I have some amazing teachers.

Framing Walls
Framing Walls

View the video below to hear me go over everything we have done/need yet to do in a little more detail.

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