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Keeping (Financially) Warm with a Wood Stove Insert

Hello from the cold, crisp first January in our house. It’s been almost exactly 5 months since we moved in…and the weather is quite different from move-in day in August. I haven’t posted in a while, but I promise I haven’t been idle. More posts coming soon… for now, onto the Wood Stove Insert.

This winter has been particularly cold, especially for a couple weeks after Christmas into January. We have a heat pump as our first source of heat. HP’s are efficient(ish) but don’t work well in extreme cold. Ours works until it’s under 35°F outside, in which our … Read the rest...

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A Creative Space – Alexa’s Office

When we first looked at the house, Mike and I already picked out which would be our respective offices since we both work from home. In our 2-bedroom apartment we shared the one as an office, so as you can imagine it was a relief to finally get my own space. I knew I would need to do at least a bit of painting, and of course it was high on my priority list since I spend all day every day in here.

Below are some before shots of the room. It’s one of the three upstairs bedrooms, and my … Read the rest...


We made Settlement!

After two long months in contract, we are finally the proud owners of this beautiful home! I have a feeling were in for an interesting and fantastic ride!

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